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Business Development

Business Development

Business development can be many things. It really depends on the company. In my mind, however, the role of business development is to find new strategic opportunities for the company and start the company on the path to execute. It is not uncommon for business developers to have a combination of strategy, marketing & sales, finance, legal, and operations background.


A website is important within a business. Why? Social media has evolved; therefore it is important for organizations to be transparent. Information is at a fingertip. Also the website should be professional and be an extension of the organization. Often a website is confusing to navigate through. They also provide people with information that can lead to a dead end. Your customers will visit your website to see if your organization is transparent.


Your mission statement says a lot about your organization. Everyone within your organization must know your mission and their personal goals should align. Although this is an un-lofty goal, it should be on the wish list. You cannot be a person who eats meat every night and work as an activist. Their actions contradict the person’s values. The mission statement is usually consisting of a small paragraph or two. It must be powerful!


A vision statement is important in the matters of the organization. To some it is as important as the mission. However a vision statement differs. The vision focuses on where the company is heading in the future. What does this mean? The vision provides the organizational members a glimpse of what the company wants to become. Is this a definite plan? No. Things change often within organizations, however transparency is the most important. Organizational leaders must be clear about what the company is planning and when changes are being implemented.

Code of Ethics

Within an organization ethics are important. A code of ethics is a guide of principles designed to help professionals conduct business honestly and with integrity. A code of ethics document may outline the mission and values of the business or organization, how professionals are supposed to approach problems, the ethical principles based on the organization’s core values and the standards to which the professional is held. Implementing code of ethics encourages transparency in the organization.


Organizational members are willing to work with managers and executives as long as there is transparency. Most leaders fail to realize this. What do I mean by this? Usually the executive and management team are disconnected from subordinates within organizations. This happens because of the different level s of hierarchy. Every organization deals with this sort of behavior, however if not monitored it can become detrimental to its growth.


In conclusion, organizational development is important to any organization. All members must be considered as it relates to moving forward. If the organizational policies consist of having a revolving door, the company will have cohesion. In addition to the relationships, an organization must have structure. This allows its members to feel a sense of connectives. John Neal Jr. and Team can assist you in developing your startup or further enhancing your organization. John has experience in establishing start-ups and non-profit organizations. In addition to his hands on experiences, he is in the final year of earning his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. Let John Neal Jr. and Team assist you with proven principles in order to move your organization forward.

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