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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict Resolution? Conflict resolution otherwise known as reconciliation, is conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution.

Can Conflict Be Resolved

It is always best to resolve issues before they become problems. Conflict is something we deal with at home, public encounters and work. Therefore conflict resolution tools are needed and beneficial to everyone. We guarantee we will help you in dealing better with conflict.

Our Experience

John Neal Jr. is a certified mediator. He has earned his Masters of Science degree in Conflict Resolution International Studies at Portland State University. He has been teaching conflict resolution since 2012. John specializes in conflict in the workplace, relationship conflict and personal conflict.

How Does Conflict Occur

Unfortunately conflict occurs in life every single day of our lives. Can conflict be avoided? Usually it cannot be avoided. People are people and usually have their own opinion and perspective as it relates to life. Therefore when one disagrees conflict usually occurs. Most people don’t handle the conflict in the most constructive way. Usually in matters of conflict individuals act out on emotion, and usually do things they come to regret.


In conclusion, John Neal Jr. is qualified to teach you and your organizational members how to deal with conflict. Most organizations don’t succeed because of a difference of opinions, which does not allow them to maximize their full potential. Leaders are not employing individuals to distract each other and give subpar work performances. However this is the result they are a witness to. Unfortunately the human resources and training programs can only do so much. John Neal Jr. and team can provide you with the support and training you need.

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