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Intercultural Communication Training

Intercultural Communications

Intercultural communications is something we must teach our society, especially members of schools and businesses. Educational members have a lot of influence and control when it comes to their students. Unfortunately when it comes to culture there is a lot to learn. Many individuals believe that other people from cultures must understand them. This is not the case; you must pay respect to others in order for them to want to get to know you. Human nature seems self explanatory, however it is not that simple.


People come from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. This is what diversity consists of. However just the knowledge of diversity isn’t good enough when it comes to building multicultural relationships. People must have a clear understanding about culture, race and ethnicity in order to grow. Everything in life stems from understanding.

Reflecting On Others

When we reflect on our experiences it allows us to become a better version of ourselves. However if we take the time out to understand others it allows us to become diverse by way of thinking. It is important to pay attention to the wants and desires of other people. If you do you gain something that is priceless. Many individuals in life usually focus on money, or just trying to navigate through life. You can be financially stable, however it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Most people think this is the key to their salvation. The one thing that most people fail to realize, they’re just one encounter away from enhancing their life.

Changing Our Mindset

Giving a person an opportunity from another culture to get know you can be an amazing experience and become a lifelong journey for both individuals. We have been conditioned to prejudge people without having all of the facts. This behavior ultimately causes internal fear, which leads to conflict. It is a challenge trying to navigate through life ignoring others and us. The first thing you should do is focus on your mindset and allow yourself to be open to new situations. Although taking risks can be frightening, the risk is usually worth it.


In conclusion, I have mentioned the importance of intercultural communications as it relates to forming meaningful relationships. Individuals are often trying to get to know others, however if the introduction has not been made there is no chance for a relationship. First you must aim to understand others, while trying to get to know them. Building relationships can be a difficult task. The first step is overcoming your fears and stop prejudging. If you expand your way of thinking, it will enhance your relationships. This will help you in your personal and professional life. Why not you!

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