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Leadership Training


Are leaders born, or is leadership learned? This is an answer that many individuals are in search of.  Regardless of how you inherit your leadership skills, people must be able to trust you. In other words true leaders lead by example. They are usually the first to show up for work, and the last to leave. Is this something you teach? I don’t think so.


Desire comes from within; it derives from a person’s spirit. Desire is deeply rooted in the person’s morals, values, and thought process. As it relates to desire, if the person with very little training wants to be successful in their chosen field, it will come to fruition. It will take desire, will power and persistence. On the other hand if the person with the college education doesn’t have the desire to succeed, the training doesn’t mean anything. The power of belief is not to be underestimated.

Assisting Others

There are different types of leaders within organizations. Some companies have dictators. It depends on the type of organization that determines the most effective leader. Unfortunately, dictators don’t understand the true meaning of leadership. Individuals who demand things from people without showing respect usually don’t work out. An organization can go out of business as a result of bad leadership. Leadership is about having the desire to get to know others for the sake of personal growth, while moving the organization forward.

Servant Leadership

True leadership is about serving all members within the organization. What does this mean exactly? Subordinates, shareholders, executive members, receptionists should all be treated with respect. The biggest mistake people make in the role of leadership is disregarding the value of each organizational member, which ultimately causes conflict. As stated earlier, a true leader is aware of all members and treats them like individuals. Also, a servant leader will not hesitate to cover someone’s position if needed.  In fact, they would be honored to help out. Why? They are a servant leader.


In conclusion, leaders have the desire to assist others. Leaders within organizations understand the importance of creating a cohesive work environment. It is important to assist all members of an organization in order to promote transparency. As stated earlier dictatorship does not work. Therefore if one truly wants to lead, be supportive and lead by example. Thank you for reading my blog. Do you have our latest sales training?  Click below to download our sales training series: “How To Maximize Sales Training”.

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