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Educating Yourself

When we talk about traditional education, what does this mean? High school, College and Graduate school! Is this the only form of education? Can individuals become successful without formal schooling? The answer is yes. In some situations, life lessons are the most important type of education as it relates to one’s life. Is this the same rule for everyone? No, however it depends on your mindset and value system, and don’t forget about experiences.


How Do We Educate Ourselves

We can educate ourselves by reading books. One must be careful when reading! What does this mean? You should find a subject matter you believe in and that coincides with your value system. If I want to be a physician, I am going to read books about medicine and how to take care of patients. If I am considering being an auto mechanic, the first thing I am going to do is read books about the entire process in order to become an expert in this particular field.



In conclusion, education is an important part of life. No matter what our field of study consists of, we must honor our values. Never do something you do not believe in. Life is a process, struggle and continuous journey.  You can do it! You know why…”I believe in you!”

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