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Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking

Public speaking is something everyone should learn. It gives individuals the confidence to initiate conversations. Also if a person wants to become a public figure or professional speaker this gives them the actual training. Although public speaking is feared by most, it can really help a person build confidence.

Who Is John Neal Jr.?

Since 2012 John Neal Jr. has been one of the most inspirational public speaking professors and coach. John Neal Jr. and Team will encourage individuals to reach their full potential. Our goal is to uplift people through positive reinforcement and proven principles. John believes that the more confidence a person has, the more fulfilled their lives will become.

How Important Is Passion

He is a motivational speaker with passion, charisma and thoughtfulness. His approach is direct and friendly. John’s ability to understand people from different backgrounds have been instrumental in his success. He realizes we are in control of our own destiny. He challenges everyone around him to be great, and dares him or her to be different. What does this mean exactly? A person should be passionate about possibilities as it relates to life, and allow it fuel their efforts.

What You Will Learn

John Neal Jr. and Team will assist you in understanding the process. Understanding the process of the public is not just about speaking. A person should know how to prepare an outline, flyer, brochure, PowerPoint and video. The preparation is extremely important. If you look like a professional individuals will take you serious. Your separation is in your preparation.


In conclusion, public speaking can help you in your personal and professional life. Individuals are often looking to get to know people in life, but don’t know how to take the initiative. John Neal Jr. and Team will assist you and your organizational members in becoming better public speakers. We will also make the process fun and enjoyable. John has never had a person committed fail his classes or training. We guarantee you will enjoy this process, while becoming a better speaker.

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