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Professional Reviews

“John, thank you for bringing smiles to so many children at Randall Children’s Hospital with your Annual Toy Drive. As a regional center for the care of infants, children and teens, we know play is an important part of a child’s healing process – it lets them be a kid again. We are truly grateful for your kindness and generosity.”

-Bronwyn Houston
President, Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

I am senior process engineering scientist at Intel Corporation and I was fortunate enough to have met John Neal Jr. out in Portland two years ago. John’s professionalism and social skills are beyond excellent. I experienced this first hand when I was a guest speaker in his class and I saw how he interacted with his students. His commitment to connect with the audience during public speaking is a unique, commendable talent. I have seen him make audiences leave his speeches awe inspired on several occasions. One such memorable speech was the one he gave during the toy drive he hosted for the Randall Children’s Hospital. I can boldly say John has the training and qualification to address any diverse group of audience and motivate them. I can guarantee that John can motivate a group of people positively for a desired outcome. Please feel free to contact me at if you need any additional information or clarification regarding this letter for John Neal Jr.

– Sidhartha Rajagopalachary, Ph.D
Senior Process Engineering Scientist, Intel Corporation

John is a great communicator and speaker for any venue and for him, there is no opportunity too big to address and improve. John has a great connection with the audience; whether it be adults or students. He is inspiring and focused on making a difference by empowering people to feel they are a part of the solution and encouraging them to move forward. As a change agent, he continues to share his best practices and different methods to achieve a successful outcome.

– Darlene Andrus
AAYLC Executive Director

John Neal’s character embodies more than a business deal when you invite him into your plans. In short, Johns attributes are a mixture of the most exquisite ingredients of a 5-star-multi-course cuisine. While comparing John’s abilities to a fine meal; the underline value highlights his versatility and ability to embrace diverse thinking. John has superior ability to manage projects on micro or macro scales. John’s gregarious personality is infectious and demonstrated with his easy-going communication style. John puts passion in all of his work, while balancing emotions. John is the family member everyone wants to be around, because he keeps everyone engaged with positive ideas. John’s range of engagement works for youth or adults alike. John is a renaissance man with many unique skills that exceed the borders of any resume or vitae. Whatever your project or team is lacking, include John as the finishing piece, and he will surely exceed your expectations.

– Robert Talley
Dispute Resolution & Human Resource

It is my pleasure to write this reference for John Neal. I have worked closely with John during his position as a Communications Instructor at the Chemeketa Community College Woodburn Center from September of 2012 to the present. I can attest without reservation that he fulfills the obligations of the part-time instructor with gusto and the utmost professionalism.

– Elias Villegas
Dean, Woodburn Chemeketa Community College

Every qualification John has listed on his resume has not been exaggerated. I know this because I have known and mentored John during his pursuit of an Associate of Arts Degree at Chemeketa, his BS in Arts and Letters at Portland State, his Master of Science also earned at Portland State, and currently, his pursuit of a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Grand Canyon University. I mentor John not only because I know he has the ability to earn degrees, but also because of the man that he is, a man with a strong sense of personal responsibility and a man with integrity.

– Sondra C. Crandall
Retired, Department Of Humanities, Chemeketa Community College

I worked with John at Roosevelt High School. John was very good with our students. He has a strong work ethic and takes the time to connect with every student. He was always up beat and full of energy and the kids loved him. I believe he will be a great asset to any learning institution.

– Christian Swain
College & Career Coordinator, Football Coach

John has exceptional people skills. He relates to others very well and helps problem-solve issues. He has been very helpful at West Salem High School. We have used his advice and expertise as we dealt with conflict resolution issues. It is my belief that John has the knowledge, skills and abilities to be highly successful.

– Ed John
Principal, West Salem High School

I attended some of the core program courses in the master’s of Conflict Resolution program, at PSU, with John. During that course work, we engaged in interactive activities, dyads and group projects. John, shared his knowledge about social conflicts in a well rounded perspective brought by his diverse background. His creative approach to outlining problems through the use of media has been an inspiration to me.

– Arisana Tolomei, M.S.
IET Master Instructor, Conflict Resolution Specialist



Student Reviews

Professor Neal is the most inspiring man I have ever met. I look forward to his classes every day; His teaching method is through his lectures (but it never feels like lecture!). He truly knows how to communicate and how to teach others to do so. He cares for his students and sets clear expectations. I HIGHLY recommend his classes.

Professor Neal is an extraordinary Professor. He motivates his students in academics and life wise. I would definitely recommend this class not only for speaking purposes, but because professor Neal helps students in whatever way he can to make us successful.

Mr. Neal is always willing to take extra time to pursue success in his students. Lectures are not out of the book, most of the time. He elaborates on topics as it relates to life. Always shows up with a phenomenal attitude, always brings laughter with him. VERY INSPIRING A LIFE-CHANGING COURSE WITH A LIFE-CHANGING INSTRUCTOR. TAKE THIS CLASS!!

Johnny isn’t your ordinary teacher. He is more like a motivational speaker. I always look forward to going to his class. He is super organized and clear. He respects all students. He gives excellent life advice–he helped me chose my path of study, and has inspired me more than any other teacher. Super fun and quirky.

Very inspirational teacher. I look forward to this class everyday and he makes learning fun. You just need to show up and do your honest best. He not only teaches us the curriculum but many valuable life lessons. Best teacher I’ve ever had by far.