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The Power Of Mentoring | Walk With Your Professor


How much better could your life be if you had a great mentor?

A great deal of people are faced with personal, academic and social issues. In a world we live in today where it is fast paced and competitive, people often feel they don’t fit in.

With social media at their fingertips, and having access to the world, many opportunities have seemingly presented themselves. Although we are seeing some levels of success, there is a clear missing piece…personal development and growth.

Individuals usually spend great deal of time working on ones IQ., while their EQ (emotional intelligence) suffers. John Neal Jr. knows this all to well. Faced with homelessness and abandonment, John Neal Jr. struggled for years to find his place in life. Most people in life just want support and guidance.

John’s life was heading in the wrong direction and was left with little hope. However, his fate changed one day when he met Officer Steve. John was apprehensive, but gave the officer the opportunity to connect with him. He still remembers the four words the officer uttered to him, “I Believe In You…”

From that day forward, John held on to these words which ultimately changed the course of his life and he realized through the years how important a mentor is.

He has dedicated his life to helping others. John has been a coach and mentor for over 18 years, working with youth and adults. He has continued to make a positive impact on his community through hard work and perseverance.

John is currently completing his research that focuses on the perception of support in higher education. His scholarly research looks at the student and faculty perspectives. As a Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Leadership & Development, he is at the top of his class.

John’s personality, education and experience allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. His encouragement and respect for individuals is evident. Hire John Neal Jr. as your mentor / coach and you will excel in life!

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