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Value of Integrity | Walk With Your Professor



Often the word integrity is used. Do most individuals know the meaning of this sophisticated word? Absolutely, however do they put the definition into action? That is for you to judge. In life, people are trying to convey many messages. One of our main purposes in life is to make connections. Sometimes people will do everything possible to be seen or heard, with that in mind.



Many people look at their lives and happiness by the individuals they are surrounded by. For others, money equals happiness, which is very important. With a great deal of resources, you are able to take care of yourself and experience life to it’s fullest. However, this is not always the case. Have you ever met a rich person who was alone and happy? Or someone who became a self made millionaire for purpose of satisfying him or herself? Think about it for a moment. Helping others often motivates people, rather it be a friend or family member.



You can become lost in the process of goals and money if you forget the reason you’re actually carrying them out. Sometimes the ideas are so important you forget about the people around you. Relationships begin to suffer and possibly even your health. The process in life should be honored and respected. Why? It is directly connected to integrity.



In conclusion, without integrity your quality of life will suffer. You can gain fame, money and education, but what does it mean without respect and people who love you. People often do things for acceptance, which can be hard to find. Life is about doing your best, and only you know what that is. We all have good and challenging days, it’s o.k. Integrity is a must; you just have to keep working at it. Remember life is a step-by-step process. Now it’s time for you to stop using excuses and become someone special! You know why? “I believe in you!”

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