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Sales Training


Learning how to sell your product or service is extremely vital to your success. Without making connections with others your business will fail. Marketing and sales are important! I have developed a Sales Training audio series from hands on experience and research. I am qualified because I have over two decades of proven sales principles.

Experience In Sales

Here is a short list of my experience: automobile industry, door-to-door, business-to-business and have started several start-ups including non-profit organizations. Through extensive research, I have compiled the most important principles that can make a sales person job a career. In this training I show you how to focus on positive energy, perception, listening and understanding people.

Product Knowledge And Training

A sale usually is predicated on if you are knowledgeable, persistent, and how you make the customer feel. With this training series you will learn to make connections with customers, we also teach you how to establish rapport. Establishing meaningful relationships within this encounter helps you and the customer see each other as human beings. This is important to know because you’re dealing with a stranger, and your job is to get to know them. This training series will improve your attitude, sales and income. Your organization will also establish a more favorable reputation. Make this small investment and change your life!


In conclusion, it is important to understand the process of sales. Also you should honor your customer and what they perceive as value. Most sales people forget about the people as it relates to the process. This is a big mistake. If the customers are made to feel important, most deals could be closed. Most sales transactions are costumer based. Therefore product knowledge is very important in the matters of building relationships. Remember sales are about connecting!

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