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How To Stay True To Yourself | Time To Get It Monday


Staying True To Yourself

Many people in the world will do anything for money.  If you look at reality television and some of the acts the participants partake in will often disturb you, although it can be entertaining for the moment. Unfortunately, life consists of many moments, therefore we must be mindful of most of our decisions that we make.


Fitting In

Our friends are usually cool and yet influential. Something or someone, for the sake of belonging, influences us all. In observing kids playing on the playground at my former place of business taught me a lot. This was at an elementary school. However what do I mean by this? In order for kids to feel accepted, they would often give things to the bullies or cool the kids, just to fit in. Can you think of a time in your life when you did this?



In conclusion, life can be beautiful and ugly. It is what we make of it! Never let anyone convince you that you are worthless or your opinion does not matter. In all situations, stay true to yourself. Unfortunately it may cause internal and outward conflict. Chances are most people are opinionated rather than fact based anyways. Usually, if you stay true to yourself it seems to work out. You know why? “I believe in you!”

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